friday favorites.

friday favorites.
sonoma, california.  december 2012.  in the vineyard/park where my husband proposed. 

i am still down in texas for work training and despite the long days of simulations and lectures, i am having a wonderful time.  the facility is unreal and it has been fun bonding with my own start class as well as meet fellow peers from offices across the nation.  
some other favorite moments and findings of the week:
first of all, the weather down here.  can septembers everywhere be this warm and sunny? 
this quote about the love between a husband and his wife has been attributed to brad pitt, though there is a dispute that it was circulating long before he married angelina.  either way, it is so heartwarming and makes me want to refocus. 
free. food. everywhere. at this training facility.  i have not felt hungry all week because there is food around all day long.  and do not worry, we have all stuffed our bags full stuff to smuggle out. 
an interesting visual of famous statues dressed in modern clothing.  still trying to figure out if they photoshopped on the clothes or actually put the clothes on the statues. 
 these signs that you have met your best friend are pretty spot-on. 
last but certainly not least, knowing i get to see my huz again tonight!
hope everyone has a great weekend! 


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