friday favorites.

friday favorites.
the historic sebastiani theatre in my hometown.  sonoma, ca. 

at times this week of work felt particularly long, i am guessing because of the jam-packed weekend we had in DC.  however, there were still many things to enjoy this week:
-the most hilarious imagined situation of what was going through ad directors’ heads when they make models look ugly.
-looking forward to seeing gravity tonight; i hope it lives up to all the hype!
-remembering we had a groupon to a fancy restaurant after a terrible monday.
-figuring out how to install my own blog buttons!  that gave me such a sense of accomplishment, i just wanted to pat myself on the back!
-since i love both apples and nail polish, i definitely thought i would do better on this quiz.  who knew apples had such fun names?
-eating lunch outside and then lingering because it was 75 degrees and sunny.  summer forever, please!
game night with friends.  who knew i would be so good at cards against humanity?
-my best friend living in the same apartment complex as me because sometimes chocolate covered cookie dough balls with your person are just necessary. 
here’s to hoping the good weather continues through the weekend and that the weekend is both fun and restful!

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