friday favorites.

friday favorites.
daddy/daughter trip to new orleans.  may 2013.  walking along bourbon street.

thank goodness it is friday!!  i am desperately in need of sleep and though it does not look like this weekend is going to be too restful, that is alright.  our weekend plans include a professional soccer game tonight, homecoming at our alma mater tomorrow and going to see wicked on sunday.
though it was a tiring week, it was still a great one.  some of my favorites:
-3 hour dinners with my best girls.
-all men should think they are this lucky in love and share it in public.
-the satisfaction of getting to wear new clothes.
-if karen from mean girls had instagram. that movie just never gets old.
-i wish i was this young british man who became the youngest person to travel to every country in the world!
-knowing i get to see many classmates at homecoming this weekend.
hope everyone has a great weekend!

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