friday favorites.

friday favorites.
interlaken, switzerland.  march 2012.  paragliding over my favorite town in the world.
happy friday everyone!  this week was a crazy one wrapping up a job at work so there is some real tgif going on over here but here are some of my favorite moments and links of the week:
-beautiful sunrises on the way into work every day this week. 
-a random person at work complimenting my outfit.

-had to watch this mexican word of the day vine three times because it was just that funny!  his face at the end just kills me.

-ice cream while studying

-i can quote nearly every line of clueless but surprisingly did not know some of these “9 things you didn’t know about clueless“!
-really want to try my hands at this ear cuff diy.  am i crafty enough, probably not.
-my “twin” sister staying with us for the weekend.

-finding more new blogs!  i can hardly keep up but i just love finding great new ones!

well i better focus on work today but hope everyone has a great weekend!


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