what’s in a name.

what’s in a name.
some people have been asking where i came up with the name for my blog,
 so i thought i would take this time to explain. 
it is from a quote out of the great gatsby; it is actually the epigram to the novel.  so it is not a quote that any of the characters says, but rather it sets the scene for the novel before it begins.  
the quote is as follows:
“then wear the gold hat if that will move her;
if you can bounce high, bounce for her too, 
till she cry ‘lover, gold-hatted, high-bouncing lover,
i must have you!'”
-thomas parke d’invilliers
i had known for a long time, at least a few years, that if i were to start a blog i would want to name it “the gold-hatted lover”.  i thought it had a nice ring to it and i have always loved this quote so much, ever since i first came across it freshman year of high school.  
to me, this quote has always represented that love that will never lose hope in us and will go above and beyond to gain our love and to deserve our love.  and really, that is all any of us wants. 
*fun fact: thomas parke d’invilliers was just a pen name that f. scott fitzgerald used.*  

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