feels like kansas.

feels like kansas.
shirt: gap // skirt: j.crew // belt: j.crew // necklace: j.crew // earrings: kate spade // shoes: michael kors // nails: essie “borrowed and blue”
whenever i wear this shirt, i feel like such a kansan.  here is the thing: i know that a gingham/check shirt is totally classic, but for some reason i just cannot shake the idea that i look like a farm girl or cowgirl when i wear this one!  while i am far from describing myself as either of those words, it is one of my most worn shirts, though most of the time i like to dress it up with a necklace or a sweater to downplay the previously described situation.  plus, though i do love parts of this state, particularly my alma mater and all my friends and extended family here, california will always be home.  even if i never went back there for the rest of my life (the horror!) i would still always consider it home.  
ps i took my own advice and bought the necklace i had mentioned in this post and i must say, i love it already.  it added just enough glitz to counteract the “farm girl” of this shirt.  
  • loving that third picture of you! and i just love this outfit, great combination!

  • This is the very reason I was reluctant to buy a gingham shirt in the first place! (That and they seemed very masculine to me.) Then one day at Old Navy I found one for like $5 so decided to purchase it anyways. Now gingham and I are BFFS and I want one in every color! <3