treading water.

treading water.
this week, i felt like i was just struggling to tread water.  work has been absolutely insane; i mean i had a milkshake for dinner last night and drank it laying in bed at around 9pm.  please hold your judgement, but seriously if any of you are in public accounting and have gone through busy season, i think you will understand where i am coming from.
so all that to say, today i am keeping it short with just a few links for your entertainment:
-a haunting and beautiful series of photographs of abandoned buildings.
-i was (still am) a major fan of DCOMs and agree that all of these need to come out of the vault.
also, can we all consider how facetime is basically that awesome communication system they had in zenon!
-these subtle mistakes in “mean girls” just has me wanting to watch the movie again and pay more attention.
-i cannot stop listening to “the monster” even though i cannot stand enimem.  looks like any time he puts rihanna in a song with him, suddenly i want to listen over and over. 
and that is all folks.  hope everyone has a wonderful (and restful) weekend and that it feels longer than a mere two days!  oh and go chiefs!


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