a year in review: 2013.

a year in review: 2013.
2013: a year of change and travel.
second semester senior life with my best friends
my first all-nighter spent pulling pranks // revieved my diploma and graduated college // met our commencement speaker: paul ryan
caught up with the best of friends from home // daddy/daughter trip in new orleans // bachelorette party
concerts: gary allan, taylor swift, david nail
married the cutest guy i know and ended the night kissing in the fountain
honeymooned in puerto rico // spent a day walking around annapolis
my sister’s wedding // a few trips to the prettiest place ever: home // started my career
started this blog // pulled out the school uniforms for a back to school themed party we hosted // passed my cpa exam after 8 months of studying
washinton dc three times: fourth of july, my dad’s promotion to admiral, christmas with my family
new york at christmas time

…and many other great things that i cannot even include them all!

i am not one who is very good at change, but i will admit i got better this year, mostly out of necessity.  my husband and i were talking the other day how almost every major life change happened to me this year except for having a baby.  i must say that looking back it was a great year full of many opportunities and great times with friends and family.  
i was lucky enough to get to travel quite a bit this year.  to me, there is nothing quite like the anticipation of an upcoming trip and certainly nothing like going home 🙂 
my hope for 2014 is that it is a little less eventful but a year of growth full of just as much fun and travels!
happy new year to you all!

[all pictures from my instagram]


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