shirt: gap (just sold out online, but bought recently so check in stores!) // sweatshirt: j.crew (similar) // pants: j.crew // shoes: tory burch // earrings: local jewelry shop (similar) // glasses: bought in florence (similar) // nails: essie “mob square” // lips: mac “relentlessly red”
my husband and i seriously we just cannot help ourselves, any time we walk by the bookstore we have to stop in!  often times we leave empty handed, mainly because i am cheap and refuse to spend $20+ for a book that i can get at the library for free.  but there is something so nice about a fresh book with crisp pages and a shiny new cover.  i always make a beeline for fiction, where i am drawn to the books with the prettiest covers and the cookbooks, where i drool over each delicious dish while my huz always goes towards non-fiction and history.  

i am thinking about making a blog post soon of all the good books i have read this year because there have been quite a few and people are always asking for recommendations. let me know if you would like that!

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