currently obsessing: beanies.

currently obsessing: beanies.
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never thought i would be saying this but…
i am obsessing over beanies of all things lately.

poms-poms, embellished, graphic, simple, neon, veiled, printed – i want them all.  i have owned a few in the past but cannot really think of a time when i actually wore them, i think they just sat in the back of my sock drawer.  that is until a few weeks ago when i was heading out to a chiefs game that was predicted to be freezing cold (and the weathermen were correct) and i was considering all possible ways to stay warm aka pleasant to be around.  ever since then i love them!

 i actually just ordered a neon one and am planning to get a simple one to embellish over the weekend using this DIY.  i will be sure to let you know how that process goes, wish me luck!

below are a lot of great beanie options, because as i said i am obsessed and cannot just pick a few.


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