friday favorites.

friday favorites.
^enjoying the christmas decorations after ice skating last weekend^
you know that feeling when you are really looking forward to something and time just seems to pass so slowly?!  well that has been this week.  tonight is our office holiday party; it is apparently the first time we have done one in years so everyone in the office is super giddy about it and thus the days seemed to pass so slowly.  in fact, i woke up yesterday morning and asked my husband if it was friday, fully believeing that it was!  that was a sad moment of realization.  anyways, back to the point: i am excited for tonight!  it is always a good time when our start class gets together and this time we get to meet each others’ significant others so it should be a blast.  hope everyone else has fun weekend plans!  
some of my favorites from the week:
-favorite song of the week: “beat of the music” by brett eldredge.

-i have followed elan gale, producer of the bachelor and the bachelorette, on instagram for a while now because he is too darn funny, and his note-passing war with a woman on his flight on thanksgiving did not disappoint but i was not surprised at all to find out that he made it all up.  kind of makes it funnier. 

-i enjoy this time of year and doing festive things like going ice skating with my huz and sister over the weekend.

-these 33 dumb things people said this year are absolutely hilarious.  i mean it is sad that these people actually said these things but i was still crying laughing.
-the joy of getting to leave work early for a team building activity: a tour of a local brewery.
-people like this woman who pays for the groceries of the man who stole her wallet are who inspire me to do the same, especially around this time of the year.  i need to start making it a year-round thing; we never regret being kind to someone. 
-i enjoyed spending time with extended family over the thanksgiving holiday, including lots of food, late night volleyball games, and all-too-competitive games of catchphrase.
wishing you a wonderful weekend!  see you back here on monday!

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