friday favorites.

happy friday everyone!  i am getting so excited for christmas, i feel like this week was filled with all sorts of festivities: listening to christmas music, watching christmas movies, sending out our christmas cards, planning our trips for christmas, bringing out our special countdown to christmas calendar (a little late) and the list goes on.  

-listening to christmas music all week long.
-starting to plan out our trip to nyc
-though not technically from marin county, these gorgeous photos make my heart hurt for home.
-watching miracle on 34th street snuggled in bed to prepare for our trip to nyc. i had never seen it!
-finding time to read for fun; currently reading sharp objects, so far, very good.
-midweek conversations with friends from home. 
a fabulous article about how we obsess over how we look in pictures, to the point that we lose an appreciation for what the picture is really meant to capture. 
-this buzzfeed article “23 times nathan and haley made you believe in true love”.  and is it sad that i actually dreamt slash am still dreaming of having their relationship? good, i didn’t think so. (i would like to note that they left out my all time favorite scene though, it starts around 1:30.)

hope everyone has a great weekend filled with all sorts of christmas-y things!
  • I am loving the Christmas music right now too!

  • Okay so I've never seen OTH (I know, don't kill me) but I still just looked through that whole buzzfeed list. I need to get to watching the show ASAP.