friday favorites.

friday favorites.
i am beyond excited because as you’re reading this i am probably en route to NEW YORK CITY!!!  and then a few fun-filled days later, i will be lounging around with my family at their new place in washington, dc.  can i girl have anything better to look forward to, i think not!
keeping my favorites short this week:
-tickle fights and laughing so hard with my huz.
-i always look forward to blair eadie’s year in review because her outfits are all perfection so when you put all of them from the year in one post, it is purely amazing.
-“working” from home 🙂
this test to see if you would be able to become a citizen of the us.  i scored as a “probationary citizen”, yikes!
-if you need a good little cry then watch this soldier come home to surprise his dad for christmas.
-last minute decisions to move up our flight and give ourselves a few more hours in new york.  can you tell we are excited?
safe travels to anyone traveling for the holidays and a merry christmas to all!

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