friday favorites.

friday favorites.
we are finally back from our week long vacation to new york city and washington dc for the christmas holidays.  it feels good to be back in my own bed but i miss the adventure of being in a new city.  guess i will have to start planning the next trip 😉
it was absolutely great to see family and celebrate christmas together; i hope you all had wonderful times with your own families!
below are some of my favorites from the past week.
-of course, everything about new york city, which i recapped earlier this week, i just love that city so and love making memories with my huz all around the globe.  
-opening christmas presents in ugly christmas sweaters
-being able to borrow clothes from my sisters. 
-a new camera lens – now i just need to learn how to use it!
-this interactive survey can determine where you lived based on how you talk and it was pretty accurate!
-completely checking out of work and hanging out with my family. 
-laughing hysterically with my family at these outrageous celebrity baby names
-reminiscing and telling old stories all through dinner. 
-awesome homecooked meals from my mom.  i need to step up my cooking game! 
hope you all have a wonderful week gearing up for the new year, i cannot believe it is already that time!

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