my christmas playlist.

the last few weeks, i have been listening almost exclusively to music of the christmas variety 🙂

it took me a few years to curate the *perfect* christmas playlist and i think i am pretty close to having it so i thought i would share with all of you!  i think you will have to have spotify to listen to it but if you do not already have spotify you need it so may as well get it now!

i am not a huge fan of the classic old-sounding versions, but rather prefer newer covers and sometimes prefer versions by really random artists.  but alas, when it is a good christmas cover, i do not care who sings it! also, there are certain songs (namely, christmas, baby please come home and last christmas) that i have on more than once because i think i have about five different versions of each that i go between and i could not narrow it down further. can you guess which are my favorite songs?! 😉

do you have any favorites that i am missing?!


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