post thanksgiving brunch.

post thanksgiving brunch.
shirt: ralph lauren // sweater: j.crew (similar) // skirt: j.crew (current version) // necklace: j.crew (similar) // earrings: local jewelry shop (similar) // bag: danielle nicole // shoes: michael kors // nails: essie “my better half” 

my husband’s dad is the president of the college where we met and it definitely has its perks from time to time.  one being that we can use the fancy dining room on the top floor of the newest building that overlooks all of campus for brunch the morning after thanksgiving, complete with china sets engraved with the school seal!  one of my husband’s cousins had it on her bucket list to get to eat in there, so last year the moms made it happen as a special surprise for her.  we had such a great time that they decided to do it again this year and i must say it is one of my favorite parts of the thanksgiving holiday and i am hoping that it becomes a tradition.
 last year since we did not know what to expect, i am pretty sure i just rolled out of bed, no makeup and greasy hair but this year i made sure to at least put on some real clothes.  something about pjs and china sets do not really seem right to me 😉
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