a year in review: outfits.

a year in review: outfits.
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and just like that another year is behind us! 
today i wanted to share a recap of outfits but since i started this blog in september, i only have a few months worth.  i thought i would still share my favorites from the time i started plus a few from earlier in the summer that never made it to the blog.  

maybe one day i will look back at this collection of outfits and cringe but right now i still feel pretty good about them.  as the years go on, i get better and better at picking out things i really love and figuring out my own style.

i am working on the “outfits” tab on my homepage so that you will be able to see all my outfit posts in one place so be on the lookout for that to be done later this week!
[the numbers are clickable and will lead you to the full post and the ones with asterisks are those that were never posted on the blog]
  • You had a gorgeous September-December! (I'm sure the previous months of 2013 were just as stylish, no worries.)

    Wishing you all the best in 2014, doll!


  • I love all these outfits; I'm seriously, they are so wearable. I'd have to pick number 18 as my fave though, and I can't believe that dress was from F21 when it looks like it could be from Kate Spade.


    Another Beautiful Thing

    • thank you so much brittney, that means a lot to me!

      and there was just a couple weeks there where F21 was putting out some fabulous stuff, i was so pleasantly surprised!

      xo mk