friday favorites.

friday favorites.
coming back to work after the holiday break just takes some time so i am sure i am not alone when i say thank goodness it is friday!

sharing some of my favorite moments and links (there were quite a few i came across this week).

-sitting on the patio late at night with my husband watching the snow fall.  definitely the best moment of the week.
-a game night with friends.  definitely hoping to do it again soon.
-ben and jerry’s was half off at the store; that never happens!  you better believe i snagged some!
-i made the most incredible sundried tomato and kalamata olive dip for nye; it was such a hit that i made it again for the chiefs game too! (rough game, great dip)
-this “polar vortex” as they are calling it is no joke. these pictures of a frozen lighthouse are beautiful and terrifying at the same time.
-we added extra blankets to the bed so that it is toasty warm and very difficult to get up in the morning. 
-i am not a huge animal person, but these pictures of a little girl who grew up alongside wild animals in africa are absolutely amazing.
-i want to be in a warm place right now and these pictures of a tropical vacation are not helping but i cannot stop looking at them! 
-how cute is this camera?  i totally want one!
-lucky magazine put together the top 10 most popular clothing items of 2013.
-hearing a childhood friend on the radio gave me chills.  check her out on spotify: alexzandra owner 🙂
“never stop showing someone how much they mean to you.”

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