friday five.

friday five.
we made it to friday!  
up to this point i always did a combination of my favorite moments from the week as well as links that i had come across through the week.  from here on out, i have decided to split them up; i think it will be more streamlined.  so keep a look out tomorrow for a great round-up of links i came across recently (warning: there are a lot!)
and without further ado… my friday five!
one: a sweet husband who will stay up really late with me after i forget to ask for my mid-day latte to be decaf and am still wide awake at 1 am and have to get up five hours later.  it is times like those where i love him the most!
two: new music.  maybe you all are not music junkies like me but i am the type whose mood can be completely changed good or bad by what i am listening to and i totally overanalyze lyrics so you better believe i was excited to find some new music this week! [click to listen on youtube]
three: bachelor nights with one of my best friends.  me and some friends participated in the draft this season which makes it a little more interesting since now i have a few automatic people i have to root for!  this week’s episode was pretty good and plenty entertaining.  i seriously hope lucy makes it to the final four just because she is so funny she kills me!
four: facetime with my family.  all throughout college i would skype my family every sunday night and it was one of my favorite things to do and really helped keep me from feeling homesick.  ever since graduating, it is much more sporadic, sometimes simply a phone call, but this week we got to facetime and it was really great being able to literally see them!
five: time to read.  i have been trying to get through the book “the purpose-driven life” since before the wedding and only recently have i really been getting into it.  hoping to finish it soon because love does is up next on the list.
hope the week treated you all well and that the weekend does as well!  
make sure to check back tomorrow for some great links around the interweb!
“be still my soul, the lord is on thy side.”

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