turtleneck: target // fur vest: chelsea & violet (love this fur cardigan) // pants: j.crew factory // shoes: tory burch // earrings: nordstrom // necklace: c/o shamlessly sparkly // rings: nordstrom // nails: essie “stylenomics” // lips: mac “snob”
i certainly hope that this gorgeous necklace is distracting you from the mane that is currently my hair.  
long story short: i just started the no-poo method (yeah i cannot believe it is called that either) and am in the “transition phase” and my hair can best be described as hay-like.  it is seriously horrifying how much it feels like a straight up hay bale!  hopefully it will all be worth it since people on the internet have promised fabulous and full hair in a few weeks’ time! 😉  
so until this transition phase is over i will layer on the gorgeous baubles like this necklace in hopes of diverting attention!
anyone else tried this no-poo thing or even considered it?
i would love some feedback on if it is worth it or if i should just bring back the john frieda stat!

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