passport to… cabo.

passport to… cabo.

after the polar vortex that came through last week, it is strangely warm this week with highs around 40 degrees, which just has me thinking that summer is around the corner.  the weather is playing games with my mind and has me dreaming of a beach vacation!  

plus it is never too early to start getting new swimsuits is it?  i have the above one in red and i love it!

  • I already bought a swim suit top from Target, so no its not too early 🙂

  • Such a cute post, Mary-Katherine! I love the tunic and am starting to miss wearing my Jack's! 🙂

    xx, Alexa

    • thank you alexa!! i refused to put my jacks in storage on the off chance that i might be able to still wear them sometime (umm no it is dead of winter) so they are sitting at the bottom of my shoe rack just teasing me!

      xo mk

  • wish i had that outfit when i was there!