shamelessly sparkly.

shamelessly sparkly.
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by now you probably know that i love a good statement necklace and i have actually been trying to venture more into earrings and bracelets lately too.  while i used to be completely devoted to j.crew for all of my jewelry needs, over the summer i started finding that there were so many online boutiques selling exact replicas of the j.crew jewels for a fraction of the price!  one of the first sites i stumbled upon was shamelessly sparkly and i am telling you, this stuff is gold!
i now have one of their necklaces and a pair of their earrings and i am so in love with them.  they look like j.crew and kate spade but neither was more than $35!  above is a selection of some of my favorite items currently in their shop.  i highly recommend checking it out if you are wanting some new baubles but your budget is running a little thin.  i guarantee you will find something you cannot live without! 

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