unexpected approval.

unexpected approval.
sweater: j.crew factory // shirt: forever 21 (similar) // jeans: paige denim // shoes: converse // earrings: local jewelry shop (similar) // necklace: be monogrammed // nails: essie “butler please” // lips: bare minerals “charisma”
i put this on to run some errands the other day and was a little nervous of what my husband would say about the unnecessary shirt tied around my hips.  to my complete surprise, when i walked around the corner his exact words were “you look cute!  can i photograph that?”  not at all what i saw coming but sure made a girl feel good!
although the shirt serves no real purpose, i am really loving the look.  it’s a nice way to introduce another element to an outfit and i like that it is unexpected and gives off an effortless feel.  if you are afraid to try it (i sure was) i say go for it!  it has kind of become my new favorite thing!
  • I just love this!!!

  • Gosh, Matt has just been on a roll lately with these comments and making you baths! What a guy! I wonder what Tyler would say… not sure he would be as nice, haha!

  • Great comfy look on you.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.


  • Love it! It adds such great colors to your outfit too 🙂 Btw, you hair looks adorable!

    xo Kendall


  • Aww, your husband is too sweet! And you look super cute- like a modern Joey from Blossom. Only much prettier. Haha. Happy Thursday, doll!


    • he really is! and thanks ashley i am about to go look up joey from blossom haha this should be interesting!! 😉

      xo mk

  • I really like the addition of the shirt, you're right, it's unexpected but super cute. Definitely a nice way to change things up! And by the way, your hair looks great!