friday five.

friday five.
since we worked from home tuesday and wednesday this week due to the snow storm, it kind of felt like thursday was monday and this was a two day week and i am certainly not complaining because i live for the weekends!
but alas it is in fact friday so just like every other week i am taking this time to reflect on my friday five!
one: the best news of the week – finding out that i had been chosen to be a contributing blogger on marley lilly’s blog “the monogrammed life”.  i am joining some wonderful company with some of my favorite bloggers and i am so excited for the opportunity.  check out their blog here and see my bio here!
two: i have been waiting impatiently for the juicer i ordered to arrive and due to the snow storm it was delayed a bit but it finally got here and i am so excited to start experimenting.  i am considering trying a DIY blueprint cleanse this weekend that i found online.  i mean $40 instead of $250, i can definitely dig that!
three: so i have never been a gossip girl fan, mostly because i read all of the books and was obsessed and they only followed the books for like one episode.  also i think the acting is not that great which doesn’t help.  however, a few weeks before christmas i was in target and it had been a rough day and they were selling some full seasons of tv shows for $8 so i snagged a random season of gilmore girls and the final season of gossip girl.  i figured that maybe if i started at the end i would see that it is amazing and want to watch the whole series.  watched my first episode the other night and am looking forward to the rest!  if you’re a GG fan, let me know what you love so much!
four: finally some pretty snow!  we have been getting snow here and there but never enough to be pretty, instead it would just turn to slush in an instant.  the snow storm that came through left us with half a foot of snow and required us to work from home for two days!  though it was a pain (for my husband) to dig my car out, i am glad that at least if it is going to be this cold we get a winter wonderland!
five: my family always sends out our christmas card sometime in january becuase life is so hectic during the christmas season.  my mom sits down and writes up a long letter with a short paragraph about the biggest news for each family member (with 8 people this quickly becomes two pages) and i look forward to reading through it each year.  earlier in the week i found that in my mailbox and ran into the house to read.  it was a big year for my family – dad’s promotion to admiral, two weddings, three graduations, and two cross-country moves – and it was fun seeing it all in type!
finally, happy fashion week everyone!
it is a dream of mine to attend one year, but maybe not the one in the dead of winter 😉
“fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
-coco chanel

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