friday five.

friday five.
a very happy valentine’s day to you all!!!
hope your day is filled with so much love!


one: my husband’s reaction to the house decorated for his birthday.  birthdays are not really a big deal to him but i like that it is one day to be all about that person so i went for it and he came into the room with a big smile on his face after seeing all the balloons and i could not help but smile too!  plus, i was so proud of myself for acting getting a surprise by him without him knowing!

two: found out that keith urban released a new album.  dang work for always making me so behind on my music these days.  anyways, it is amazinggg and you can listen here!  i am loving “come back to me”, “somewhere in my car” and “she’s my 11”.  let me know your favorites!
three: celebrating matt’s birthday with his family and cousins on sunday and then with me that night.  since his birthday fell on a wednesday this year, i am so glad we picked another day to pretend it was his birthday and celebrate.  i love any time spent with his family and cousins (who i consider my own cousins now) so brunch with them was great.  and these days i do not have much time to cook so getting to make a whole spread for him and enjoy it just the two of us with no work on the minds was fantastic!
four: over the weekend, we met up with some friends for a young alumni bowling event.  it was in the basement of a church and it was super old, paper scoring and everything!  it is always fun getting together with college friends, especially ones we do not see all that often!
five: a handmade valentine in my mailbox from my sissy.  i love snail mail and her glittered valentine was just too cute 🙂


“i wouldn’t wake you from any dream you ever had.”
-keith urban: come back to me


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