friday five.

friday five.

happy friday!
this weekend is the first one since as long as i can remember that we have literally nothing planned.  unfortunately we are supposed to be getting not one but two winter storms coming through but i am just grateful to have time to sleep and catch up with my huz.  
hope the weekend treats you all well!


monday: though it requires staying up much later than we probably should since we both work pretty late, i really love my late nights talking with my husband.  it is really our only time to talk all day, so we generally let it stretch really late into the night and sometimes early morning and the tiredness is always worth it 🙂
two: wednesday started out not so good with me getting in what i guess you would call a bad fender bender on my way to work.  luckily it is nothing that cannot be fixed and everyone is fine but i was super torn up about it!  however, as the day went on my mom and husband assured me everything would be fine and i started to feel a little less terrible.  then on the way home the sky just looked amazing as dusk was setting in and i suddenly felt so at ease; definitely one of those moments that puts everything in perspective.
three: speaking of driving home at dusk, we are finally getting out early enough from work that it is still at least semi light out, woop woop!  we wrapped up the main part of this audit earlier in the week so for at least a few weeks i will have no more late nights in the office!
four: we finally booked our tickets to italy!  i was starting to get a little anxious and nervous that we had not actually booked our trip and i feel much better now that we have bit the bullet and the tickets have been ordered.  the last few nights have been spent researching the best places to visit in southern italy and perusing places on air bnb.  if you have any suggestions, please share!
five: today is day one of my three day juice cleanse and i am actually super excited about it!  i seriously feel like my body needs this so badly right now.  i am following recipes to do a diy blueprintcleanse, you know the $250 one, except this one only cost me $50.  oh, and a few hours worth of juicing last night but i am hoping it is worth it!

“god is within her, she will not fail.”

psalm 46:5


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