diy blueprintcleanse.

diy blueprintcleanse.
so by now you all probably know that i at least attempted to do a juice cleanse this past weekend.  my purpose in doing it was just to reboot my body after busy season.  during that time i would get home super late and still need to eat dinner, let’s just say i did not always make the best food decisions.  
there is a popular cleanse called “blueprintclease” and it is three days with six juices each day.  if you want to pay for ease and simplicity’s sake you can purchase it here but i did not have that kind of cash so i found a diy version for much less, though i will admit you do pay in the time it takes to make all the juices.  
when i posted about the cleanse on instagram i got a lot of people asking me to share recipes, my experience, what juicer i have, etc. 
as for my experience i have to admit that i was really bad about being strict on this cleanse, as in i ate at least one meal each day and i did not always drink the juices in order or would simply skip some.  i could tell my body really needed protein and these juices do not provide much of that and as a result of eating some real food, i was not always hungry for the juices in the specified order.  i had expected the juices to be gross and thought i would have to suffer through them but actually the juices really are good, with the exception of the spicy lemonade which is absolutely horrific!  also, i have this inexpensive juicer which i highly recommend, it definitely works better than the price might portray and i used this preparation guide because i had no idea how to juice beets.
*disclosure: the main reason i ate: if you are not sure what hangry (hungry + angry) looks like, i can show you!*
anyways, below are all the juice recipes for you all to check out!  as i mentioned, these juices are actually really tasty, so i would definitely recommend trying them on their own even if you do not want to do the full cleanse.  i would recommend making your juices the night before because no one wants to be juicing for 20 minutes when they are hungry and also because they are so much better chilled.  my favorites were the green juice, p.a.m. juice and c.a.b. juice!

[first and third juice]
[second juice * this one does not make much]
[fourth juice]
[fifth juice] 
[sixth juice]
and then i polished off day three with a burrito smothered in cheese sauce 🙂


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