friday five: italy edition again.

friday five: italy edition again.
tgif!!  today i am sharing the last of my italy trip before returning to normal posting next week.  i have my last five favorite memories from the trip and then later today i will be sharing my photo diary so be sure to check that out!  i am well aware that i over grammed the trip but in all honesty there were so many other pictures i wanted to post that i did not so i wanted to be able to share them here!


my favorite hike through settignano.  when i studied abroad, i had a favorite hike i would do up through settignano and around the mountain overlooking florence and i was so excited when we had time to do it again this visit.  you have to weave through olive groves, past vineyards and wineries that look like castles and then through my favorite part: the cypress alley.  it was actually a much longer hike than i remembered and we were late to dinner, but it was well worth it 🙂

driving along the amalfi coast.  this was an experience in itself!  here is what happened: when we were leaving positano to head back to where we are staying in sorrento, we happened to arrive at the bus station right as a bus was leaving so we went to hop on.  well the bus was already jam-packed with people in every seat and standing all along the aisle so we just had to stand at the very front right next to the driver!  it was so crazy trying to hold onto the railing as he whipped around all those tight corners at what felt like 50 mph, honking his horn going around each curve, making cars reverse when the road was not wide enough for both of us, stopping within inches of the cars in front of us and tailgating cars and bikers not going fast enough.  i was white knuckling it the whole time but it was absolutely incredible at the same time!

nights in rome.  seriously my favorite nights were those spent in rome.  the city just had a liveliness and yet a charm when the night rolled in and i loved strolling through the cobblestone alleys hand in hand with my love. 
via toledo in naples.  we had not planned to spend any time in naples but at the last minute we decided to add an evening in naples to the agenda before our early morning flight back to the states.  though everyone always talks about how dirty and scary it is we absolutely loved it.  we found our way to the main strip that has a bunch of shops and alleyways to restaurants and it was just packed with people.  naples is special because there really are not very many tourists since it is typically looked down up on and just a stop over for travelers.  this meant that it felt so real and authentic; there was an energy, kids playing soccer, teenagers meeting up and shopping, men talking about their scooters and cars and street musicians. it was a warm and energetic evening and a great way to end the trip.  
being able to live it all again. on the flight home i put together this little video of our travels and i love that when i watch it, i feel like i am there again, even more so than when i look at pictures.  it is a fun way to remember the trip.  feel free to give it a watch!


“i thought i’d been everywhere until i’d been with you.”
-bryan adams


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