into the blue.

into the blue.

top: j.crew factory // denim jacket: abercrombie // pants: paige denim // shoes: target // purse: tory burch (in love with this inexpensive one) // bracelets: local boutique (very similar), and one bought in rome // earrings: nordstrom // rings: sonoma silver company (love this one) // sunglasses: ray-ban // nails: essie “california coral”

our final destination was the island of capri.  somehow i had never really looked at pictures of capri before we went so coming into the port and seeing the island before my eyes was just fantastic.  colorful buildings, a sprawling island, lemon trees and greenery, and the ocean horizon as far as the eye could see.  
we spent the first part of our day just walking all around the town up to the town center.  little did we know that there was a tram that would take you to the top of the hill where the center was located and we hiked our way up there, shedding layers as we went!  the town center was very cute, little cafes and churches and boutiques and an alleyway that led to a fashionista’s heaven.  every designer seems to have a store in capri: ferragamo, valentino, gucci, the list goes on.  however, almost every store was undergoing construction and touch-ups so that everything would be ready for the main tourist season coming up so not even any real window shopping for me! 
afterwards, we went on a cruise around the island and went into the blue grotto.  the cruise was incredible, such a great way to get the lay of the land and see all the parts of the island that are not very accessible by foot.  plus, it was so cool to be out of the water with the sea salt air blowing through my hair.  they totally charge you out the wazoo to go to the blue grotto but i think it was worth it!  you get in this little row boat and have to lay down to get through the opening and into the cave and once inside the water just glows bright blue, which has something to do with the sunlight coming through an opening under the water.  the rowers were all singing in italian and we got to do a few laps around the grotto before going back to the boat.  
super funny story: we had read in a rick steve’s travel book that there was a store right off the port with lockers where you could pay to keep your bags for the day so since we were headed to naples right after capri to fly out early the next morning we decided to do that.  so we get off the boat with our hands full of bags only to start asking around and NO ONE has heard of this place!  so a waiter at a restaurant comes up and tells us he would be happy to hold our bags, they do it all the time and they will not charge us as long as we eat lunch there.  mind you this is southern italy so it sounds kind of sketchy but we have no other option.  well, he takes us back and has us drop our bags with computers and everything right in the kitchen!!!  it was funny and scary at the same time.  well, luckily for us, he turned out to be a very honest man and we picked up our bags safely at the end of the day!

*sorry for the iphone quality pictures at the end, but my big camera battery died!*


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