links i love.

links i love.
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happy first day of march!  
i seriously cannot believe that february is already behind us but i am definitely looking forward to this month as spring continues to get closer 🙂
below are some links i found on the web throughout the week and thought were entertaining so i thought i would share!
this had me cracking up, my husband kept asking what was so funny!  30 signs you follow too many fashion bloggers on instagram.

this mom and 4 year old daughter make dresses out of paper and believe me when i say they are incredible!

15 reasons i cannot wait to go to italy.  they are all about food 🙂

the new j.crew collection line is truly full of works of art.  this short video gives a behind the scenes look at the beauty that was unveiled at new york fashion week.
as of recently i have been craving a white leather/moto jacket and currently have my eye on these two inexpensive options.

the books you should be reading based on the books you liked best growing up. 

some crazy historical facts about time.  did you know betty white is older than sliced bread?!

what would you say if someone asked the one thing they should do in your state?  well this list rounds up the top thing to do or see in each state in the us.

paul rudd and jimmy fallon had a lip sync battle and it was great. 

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