wish list: italian inspired.

wish list: italian inspired.
well hello again!  while i already shared an outfit from my trip today, i also wanted to share some things i saw while abroad that quickly made their way onto my wish list.
something about european fashion is so inspiring.  they always seem to be one step ahead of americans and their style just exudes effortless.  they never look perfectly done, there is always this air of a perfect mess about them and it makes them just beautiful!
since we did not have any time (or baggage room) for shopping souvenirs, i am trying to bribe my husband into letting me buy all the things on my italian wish list instead.  wish me luck!
jogger pants: blue // sequins
sneakers: white // blue // floral
phone cases: hot dog // domino
jumpsuit: red // blue
jogger pants: europeans love their jogger pants!  guys and girls alike were sporting this style of pant absolutely everywhere.  while they usually went for the sweat or denim variety, i am partial to the leather or sequined.  somehow i do not think i would be able to pull off glorified sweatpants the way they can.
sneakers: maybe it is because of the cobblestone streets, but everyone in italy wears sneakers.  this is a trend i have been noticing surface here in the US as well so there are plenty of great options right now.
playful phone cases: it is funny to me because the phone cases they carry look like they are meant for toddlers who are teething but i have to admit, they grew on me!
jumpsuit: when we were in rome one night we were walking around and there was a new shop hosting an opening party.  there was a girl attending the event in a bold red wide-legged jumpsuit and a leather jacket.  i was taken aback by how striking she looked.  at that moment i decided i absolutely needed a bold jumpsuit!
nautical tote bag: when we were down on the amalfi coast, all the towns sold these blue and white striped tote bags with the town name embroidered on the front.  while these were totally a tourist gimick, i actually thought they were so cute.  plus, a nautical tote is perfect for summer and this kate spade one is currently on sale!

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