friday five.

friday five.
^blurry sister selfies^

happy friday!!  i hope this week has been great for all of you and that this weekend treats you even better.  

it was a pretty good week over here, mostly because of the people who i got to spend it with 🙂
one: sissy reunions.  i found out around noon last friday that my little sister was flying in from dc to see my sister at college.  apparently my mom forgot to tell me!  so lucky for me i got to spend the whole weekend hanging with two of my sisters, which was great and just what i needed.  i am so lucky to have such sweet, funny and gorgeous sissys!

two: brunch double dates.  as i mentioned in this post earlier in the week, we discovered a local barbeque joint that serves breakfast and last minute texted some friends and met up for sunday brunch.  it was so glorious out, the food was surprisingly really good and of course we had great company!

three: compliments.  i love to give out compliments because i know how great it feels to receive them.  yesterday i wore a new outfit to work and got so many compliments from random people and it really made me smile a little bigger.  so make sure to compliment someone today, it just might make their day!

four: pizza and jim gaffigan.  one night this week, my husband and i got home from work and he was just trying to show me this new thing he got that allows him to play things from his computer to our television and clicked a jim gaffigan comedy show on netflix to demonstrate and we ended up making a night of it!  pizza on the couch laughing hysterically while listening to jokes about people at the gym, ironic.  

five: “not a bad thing” by justin timberlake.  seriously this has been on repeat this week.  obsessed does not begin to cover it.  


“in the end, love doesn’t just keep thinking about it or keep planning for it.  simply put: love does.” 
-bob goff

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