friday five.

friday five.
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it is crazy to me that we are already in holy week with easter coming up on sunday.  i hope you all have wonderful plans to spend the weekend with loved ones!

as always, recapping five things from this past week.


one: wine tasting over the weekend.  last weekend my huz and i decided to take full advantage of the warm weather and go wine tasting somewhere so we could enjoy some wine in the sunshine.  it was such a fun afternoon adventure!  plus, on our way home we passed some batting cages and decided to hit those up.  matt said i could not wear my wedges in the cage, but that did not stop me from taking a few hits, as evidenced by this video!

two: rainy days inside.  rainy days have the potential to be the best or the worst.  the worst if you have to go outside and get stuff done that day.  the best if you have no real responsibilities and can sit inside all day long.  well sunday was the best rainy day; a nowhere to be, tv and movies, cooking, reading kind of rainy day.  
three: in preparation for easter i started a new book called “killing jesus” which details the people and events leading up to jesus’ death.  i might not finish in time but it is a very fascinating and eye-opening read.

four: yesterday i was featured on the blog stylin’ in st. louis as the spotlight of the week.  it was a great honor to have been chosen!

five: do not forget to enter the giveaway to flourish boutique, where i got that amazing white open back dress i posted earlier this week.  the giveaway will run through sunday at 11 EST and it is super easy to enter, just follow this link!


“when christ died, he died for you personally,
as if you were the only one in the universe.”
-c.s. lewis

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