friday five.

friday five.
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happy friday!
this week was a great one filled with lots of family time, good weather and quality time.  hoping every week just gets better and better!


one: driving range date.  the other night we decided last minute to head to the driving range to hit some balls.  now i certainly cannot claim golf as my sport (i look like an 80 year old when i swing) but it was a fun time. 
two: the best easter weekend.  i was talking with my husband the other night and we decided this easter was the best holiday we have ever celebrated together.  the weekend was just full of fun times with family, lots of food, outdoor time and we just had the greatest time!
three: my easter basket.  mine was full of tons of goodies plus some items that had been on my italian wishlist!  who knew the easter bunny read my blog?! 😉
four: evening walks.  i still have not gotten over the fact that it is warm enough in the evenings to go for walks.  it is the best way to unwind after the day. 
five: i am excited to be guest posting over at “covering the bases” today as a part of krista’s series “what to wear to a baseball game”.  be sure to check it out!
“i have galaxies hidden between my bones, and i will love you until the stars burn out.”

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