friday five.

friday five.
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happy friday!

this week seemed to go by ultra slow; last weekend’s festivities definitely took their toll on me.  but i am finally rested and ready for the weekend!  hope you all enjoy your long weekend!

one: lunches with the huz.  the other day my husband came and met me for lunch.  nothing like getting out in the middle of the day for a walk and a bite to eat with my favorite guy. 
two: pool parties.  one of my favorite parts of vegas was the pool parties.  it has been so long since i have been in a pool (what with the eternal polar vortex and all) so it was so exciting to put on the swimsuit and get some sun!
three: my blu aura body chain pictured above.  people went crazy over it when i posted it to instagram, so i wanted to be sure to post the link.  i do not think it is on the website yet, but it is only $25 and you can just email the owner at (she is so sweet) and she will be sure to hook you up.  as soon as it goes live i will be sure to post a direct link.  i got this specifically because i thought it was so “vegas” but i actually plan to wear it all summer, with swimsuits, under crop tops, over dresses, so many ways.  it is so unique but i think you will find it easy to wear!
four: inside jokes.  i love few things more than when something takes you back to a time and place.  inside jokes are like that.  this past weekend was full of so many jokes and one liners that when i think of them or someone mentions them i will always be transported back to that fun weekend.
five: the weather in vegas.  in the 90s and perfectly sunny, slight warm breezes and still so warm late at night, nothing could be more perfect in my mind!

“actually, the best gift you could have given her
was a lifetime of adventure.”
-lewis carroll


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