friday five.

friday five.
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happy friday everyone, i hope you all had a good week!

i am excited for this weekend as we have two friends getting married so it will be full of festivities!  hope you have some fun plans too!
one: an evening picnic in the park.  the other night my husband had the wonderful idea of grabbing some stuff from the fridge, a cold bottle of wine, our books and a picnic blanket and heading to a nearby park before the sun went down.  it was glorious out and such a nice change of pace.  hoping we can plan some more picnics!
two: mail days.  honestly few things are better than coming home to fun mail.  this week i received a few things in preparation for a trip to vegas next week, including some body chains and new shoes, as well as a new dress which i plan to wear to tailgates this fall because red and black are my school’s colors!
three: surprise date night.  since the huz and i were both gone over the weekend, we had not seen much of each other so i was really touched when he texted me at work on monday asking if i would want to go on a surprise date.  i did not know the plan but was so excited when he revealed it: my favorite mexican restaurant that we never go to because he does not really like it.  plus, since it was cinco de mayo, there was a band and discounted margs, bonus!
four: springfest.  i know i already mentioned this earlier in the week but i had the best weekend back in my college town pretending it was still the glory days while hanging with my best friends and family.
five: yesterday’s collab.  i love collaborating with other bloggers.  not only is it a fun way to see how two people take on the same idea in different ways but most importantly it makes me wonder at the fact that we can “meet” and make new friends through this space on the internet.  it is so fun knowing you have friends all over the country with different lives and interests but a shared love of fashion and a desire for a creative outlet!
“beautiful things don’t ask for attention.”
-the secret life of walter mitty

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