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happy friday!

sharing my friday five but be on the lookout for another post later today with a fun giveaway for you 🙂

one: falling asleep to the rain and lightning.  sunday night it was storming like crazy so we decided to open up the windows in our room and fall asleep to the sound of the rain and the flashes of light.
two: more weddings.  it truly is wedding season, my friends!
three: donuts.  we have decided that the tour de donuts is done because we have found my new favorite place (poston donuts if you are local).  they have pistachio cake donuts so you can understand why there is no need to go any further.
four: last minute baseball games.
five: staying up late building a new bookshelf/tv stand thing.  i had my eye on a particular one for a while but it was always sold out and i was told it had been discontinued.  well, i decided to check again this week, and it was back!  i was so excited i immediately called a friend over and we stayed up so late getting it built!  now to decorate and fill it!


“that’s what i want my life to be all about – 
full of whimsy abandon and in love.”
-bob goff


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