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this is definitely one of those TGIF fridays for me!  after working the last 12 days in a row i am seriously wiped and definitely ready for the weekend ahead.  we have some plans with friends as well as family over the next few days and then i am off to dallas, texas for a work training.  hope you all have some fun plans, hopefully including seeing your dear daddy for father’s day, i know i will be facetiming mine!
one: girls nights out.  i need to do these more often.  usually i devote my weekends to hanging out with matt since we both work so much during the week but i am thinking a girls lunch or night out might be just what the doctor ordered from time to time. 
two: planning surprises for someone who you live with is sooo hard.  i have a little something up my sleeve for my husband for our upcoming anniversary (one year next week!) and it has been so difficult to try to go about the surprise without him finding out. wish me luck!
three: i have never tried the cookie butter from trader joe’s because i know myself and know i would not have the self-control to not eat the whole jar but the other day when i was in there, i noticed a dark chocolate bar filled with cookie butter as i was checking out and decided to throw that in the bag.  glad i threw that baby in because it was so good and a nice mid-week treat.
four: after nearly a year of living in our current apartment, i am finally making some head way on decorating it! 😉  when we moved in, we didn’t know how temporary it would be so i did not do much.  but now that we know we will be there at least another year, i went out and did some serious damage at homegoods and got so much good stuff!  the bank account was not very happy with me but i am so happy with how everything is coming together.
five: i teamed up with some local blogger friends of mine to offer one reader a $50 gift card to francesca’s.  believe me when i say it will be very easy to spend that money 😉 the store is packed with great summer pieces!  make sure to enter here and remember, the more entries you complete, the better your chances of winning!
“may you live every day of your life.”
-jonathan swift

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