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is it just me or did this week fly by?!  not that i am complaining.  in fact, i have been anxiously awaiting this weekend for months, because tomorrow my best friend is getting married!!!
some fun from the week…
one: celebrating our first anniversary.  this was by far the best part of the past week! 🙂
two: today one of my great friends who i met when i studied abroad is off to the convent.  i am so excited for her as she begins this journey growing closer to and serving the lord and am so proud of her following her call.  i got to meet up with her one last time this week and it could not have been better.  i will miss you anma but know you will touch so many lives in your role as a sister! 
three: got my hair did – few things are better than freshly blonde hair.
four: i do not really follow soccer, but i do love watching the world cup.  i remember the last time it was on, it was my first summer home from college and i would meet up with friends to watch all the usa games.  it is a little harder now with work and all but i find my ways, including ditching over the lunch hour to go to this massive watch party.
five: not one, but two!, royals games.  one of them was buck night meaning $1 hot dogs so basically i was a happy camper.

“they say love is the best investment;
the more you give, the more you get in return.”
-audrey hepburn


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