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happy friday everyone!  today i am headed back to my college town for a big festival weekend including a country concert tonight.  i am taking over the midwest bloggers instagram for the weekend so be sure to follow there (@midwestbloggers) to see my weekened adventures since i will not be posting to my own account!
one: the best thing that happened this week was definitely having my new blog design installed!  it has been a long time coming, but i finally decided that the two designs i had made myself were not cutting it and hired a sweet lady to make my vision come to life.  the new look has me re-inspired about the blog and i am planning to add a few more updates to make it even easier to use!
two: saturday morning we slept in (staying up until 4:30am at a work training will leave you pretty tired) and then headed to our local farmer’s market followed by a stop at a local burger shack.  any day that starts with food is pretty good in my book. 
three: a few nights ago we met up with matt’s family to see a movie.  luck would have it, they chose the movie i had been wanting to see: begin again!  i tweeted about it earlier this week, but the music was honestly so good!  you need to go see this movie or even just listen to the soundtrack (here).  also, it reinforced my desire to live in new york, which is funny because they showed a lot more dirty parts of new york, but to me it felt more authentic.
four: bocce ball double date.  there is a new restaurant in kansas city (pinstripes for you locals) that is humongous and has bowling lanes as well as a handful of bocce courts.  it is in a popular new area of town; when we got there around 6 for dinner, they told us the earliest a court would be open was 9:30!  so we lingered over dinner, got drinks and then hit the court.  we had so much fun and will definitely be going back, or possibly getting our own bocce ball set!
five: last night i attended my first stella & dot party and it was a lot of fun.  many people know the brand for the ever-popular spike renegade cluster bracelet, but they also sell bags, scarves, and even just launched a line of engraved jewelry!  i ordered a much-needed travel jewelry case; feel free to shop for yourselves (here)!
“take my hand, let’s see where we wake up tomorrow.”
lost stars – begin again

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