if you have not already noticed, the blog got a much-needed facelift which i am in love with!  it was a long time coming but i am so pleased with how it came out and cannot thank my designer tricia nae enough for her work.  with the new blog design comes three cool new features i wanted to tell you all about so you can get the most out of this space!
there is now a “shop” tab underneath the header.  if you click on that “shop” it brings up a page of my favorite items.  the items are completely clickable, so if you see something you like, just click and you will be taken directly to the site selling that item.  this page is constantly changing so sure to check back often for new items!
this is by far the coolest thing that has happened to social media and blogging in a long time, this allows you to shop my instagram posts!  all you have to do is this:
1. go to and register your email.
2.  anytime i post a picture with a link that looks like this “” or with the hashtag #liketkit, just double tap to “like” it and the outfit details will be sent straight to your email.  how cool is that!  below is an example of what the email will look like.
3.  simply click on one of the items and you will be directed to the site to buy.
note: i was hesitant to sign up for like to know it at first because i like a lot of instagram pictures and did not want to be getting a million emails each day.  but i was pleased to find out that the email settings can be changed from asap, to daily, even to weekly!
you must sign up for this, i promise you will love it!  

you can also shop my instagram posts through the “shop my look” section in the right sidebar here on the blog.  simply click on the picture you want to shop, and you will be directed to a page identical to the above image where you can again view and shop my outfit details.
what do you think of the new design and features?!
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