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OBSESSING… over my new leopard print calfhair pumps.  the heel height is perfect so they are comfortable and i think i might wear them every day.  leopard is a neutral after all.
EXCITED… today is launch day for accessory jane!!  liz is one of my instagram loves and has been selling jewelry for a while now through facebook auctions and as of today she has a new website so we can buy all the time!!
LISTENING… “remind you” by andy grammer.
LOVING… the caramel northern lite latte from caribou.
PREPARING… to sell a bunch of new/gently used items on eBay because we are running out of room in our one-bedroom.
ANTICIPATING… my sister and mom coming in for the weekend!
BUYING… nothing.  we are on a spending freeze this month haha.
WATCHING… hours of random youtube videos.
TRYING… to learn how to make product collages on photoshop elements.  anybody have any great tutorials?
LOCATED… in minneapolis for work, but heading back to kc tomorrow.
LAMENTING… summer coming to an end.  i am a freak who is allergic to the cold so the thought of fall weather makes me very nervous.  #ineedtomovetothebahamas
NEEDING… a day off haha.  anyone with me?!
READING… mostly blogs 😉 but also parts of “what it takes”.
BEHIND… on responding to emails and comments.  i swear i read them all, but sometimes i read them when i am at work on my phone and do not have time to respond!
LEARNING… well trying to learn more about how to use my camera.  it is a work in progress.
MAKING… tassel necklaces using this tutorial this weekend.
STRESSING… work. blah.
WANTING… to go on another trip to italy.  the travel bug is a real sickness and i have a terrible case of it.  it has been less than six months since we went and i am already having withdrawals!
CELEBRATING… surpassing 100 likes on my facebook page.  if you have not already i would really appreciate it! you can do so by clicking here or using the icon in the sidebar to the right!
happy hump day loves!

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