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TGIF!  for me it was one of those weeks where i was always a day ahead, so i am very glad friday is truly here, finally!  here’s to hoping for a fun-filled weekend for everyone!


one: riding the world’s tallest waterslide; it is taller than both the statue of liberty and niagra falls!  in order to get a spot in line to ensure we would get to ride we had to be those people at the park early and matt had to literally sprint to the ride to hold a place for us, embarassing but worth it 😉

two: along those lines, i am obsessed with my new swimsuit from triangl (seen here).  the australian brand is famous for their sporty designs which use neoprene rather than the typical spandex fabric.  i highly recommend!
three: spending all of last weekend with matt.  typically we have plans with other friends at least one night of the weekend, but last weekend we decided to celebrate my birthday just the two of us and it was one of my favorite weekends ever!  it was great to be able to spend all weekend with my favorite person. 
four: when matt runs to get my favorite cookies for me because the shop is going to close before we are done with dinner and i desperately want them for dessert.  bless him.
five: the nights have been cooling off pretty nicely this week, so matt and i been spending our evenings in the hot tub.  it is funny because we never went during the winter, but now summer rolls around and we head there multiple times this week!

“dream higher than the sky and love deeper than the sea.”

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