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happy friday!  this week flew by for me and i am certainly not complaining and hoping it did for y’all as well!  definitely cannot complain about the weekend coming sooner than expected, as i think i speak for all of us when i say i live for the weekends.

one: last weekend was a great one because i got to spend time with my sister and mom.  i had not seen my mom since christmas and do not know the next time i will, so we had a good time chatting, eating out, walking around the plaza and of course, moving my sister back into college.
two: my youngest sisters use instagram on my mom’s phone to post to their accounts so over the weekend me and mary bridget (my sister who was moving back into college) took a “bridesmaids” inspired photo and posted it to one of my little sister’s accounts saying that we were her favorites and she missed us so much.  within minutes, all of her friends were liking it, not even realizing she had been hacked.  i was seriously laughing so hard!  you can see our prank here.
three: the other day i came home to the most amazing package: a new handbag from ellen vicius, a designer out of portugal who is the sweetest thing!  the bag is such a classic shape and great size with a removable crossbody strap and i know it will use it for years to come.  you can see it on instagram here; i cannot wait to style it here on the blog!
four: last night we went to a trivia night to support a local charity with some friends and the girls were the comeback queens.  we took third place….almost.  after an audit of the scores we actually came in fourth and the boys beat us. maybe next time!
five: last week i received my new business cards and i have been having so much fun handing them out!  i feel so official now!
“attract what you expect.
reflect what you desire.
become what you respect.
mirror what you admire.”

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