the transition from college life to the corporate world can be a tough one, for many reasons, one of which is the change in wardrobe.  the days of cutoffs and nike shorts are behind you and you are afraid all the lies ahead is black pencil skirts and starched blouses.  or at least that is what i was afraid of!  luckily, i am here to tell you that despite what you might fear, it is 100% possible to be stylish in the workplace, to let your personality shine while still remaining professional. 
with nearly one year of corporate style under my belt, i thought i would share what i think are the basics of a working girl’s wardrobe.  my biggest tips would be: 
– do not be afraid of colors or patterns
– buy pieces that can be worn for both work and play
– accessories change up even the simplest outfit
– wear what you like
– confidence is key
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