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this week was another one of those where i was always a day ahead so thank goodness friday is truly here!  hope this week went by quicker for all of you!


one: tailgating with my siblings and cousins last weekend.  matt has multiple cousins that graduated from or currently attend our alma mater, benedictine college, and now my sister is there too so football games are always a fun reunion!
two: this week can be called the week of new shoes.  came home to three new pairs, these flat booties, these flats, and these heeled booties!
three: i tried my first ever pumpkin spice latte this week!  i know, how can i call myself a blogger if i had never had a PSL?  the final verdict: it’s not bad by any means but i don’t get the hype whatsoever.  also, definitely forgot to ask for it decaf and was up until 2 am wide awake, womp womp.
four: i have been wanting to try the ombre hairstyle ever since i first found out about it about 4 years ago but i always get too nervous and chicken out.  this week i went for it!  to be completely honest i am not sure how long it will last but i am proud of myself for going for it.  i will debut the look on the blog next week and instagram before that i am sure!
five: sunday was the perfect day – matt and i went for a picnic in my favorite park, and then walked around the plaza.  the weather could not have been better, it was really warm but not hot so laying out in the sun was glorious!  hoping the weather will cooperate another time or two this fall to allow for another picnic.
“and the end of all our travels will be to arrive at the place where we started
and to know it for the first time.”
-t.s. elliott

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