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happy friday!  unfortunately i have to work all weekend, but i will take it because this past week has been a great one.  plus, i will just live vicariously through you all, what fun plans have you got lined up?


one: this week is kansas city fashion week so every night has been filled with some sort of fun event to attend and runway shows start tonight!  it has been so fun getting dressed up, meeting old and new blogger friends, and celebrating fashion here in the city. 
two: finished the book “me before you” and cried like a baby.  if you are ever in need of a heart wrencher, look no further!  highly recommend it.
three: i make a new playlist on spotify every month and i must say my september playlist is where it is at.  i have been playing it nonstop and still have not found a song i want to skip.  you can give it a listen here.
four: every girl living in kansas needs a pair of red shoes right?  well this week i finally got a pair!  when they arrived i changed my whole outfit for the night just so i could wear them, as evidenced here on instagram.  
five: last weekend was just so much fun.  friday night we headed to a local art fair which is such a fun time year after year.  the weather is always fantastic and all the restaurants have booths and everyone we know is down there.  saturday i headed to a blogger event where i entered to win a gorgeous carelle necklace from tivol, and get this, i won!  then sunday matt and i went to brunch before heading out to the royals game.  they had been in a losing streak but i have been known to be their lucky charm and what do you know, they won!  it was such a blast to be there for the win, the place was going wild.  we are still hoping for a blue october!

ps:  i still need your votes to help with a contest with fortuity!  you can see all the details on my facebook page by clicking here.  all you have to do is go on social media and like the picture of me in the blue romper from wednesday’s post 🙂


“you get one heartbeat so take it seriously.
this is your masterpiece.”
-andy grammer

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  • Bummer you have to work all weekend! I hope it's lovely despite 🙂 I love the top, the embellishments are so pretty!


  • Sounds like a great week! Hope you have a wonderful weekend despite having to work!

  • I LOVE that top, so pretty!

  • "Me Before You" has to be one of my new favorite books! It was recommended to me by a friend, who heard about it through her mother. I then told my mom about it and her whole book club read it. They couldn't stop talking about the book, so it ended up turning into a book club weekend event. I started reading another JoJo Moyes book. 🙂

    xo Bells

  • Can't wait for KCFW tonight!


  • why wasn't a i blessed with the "style" gene. it's a good thing i live on a farm. my poor husband. thank you so much for linking up…and if you get a chance could you pretty pretty please add the oh hey friday button to your post? that way all your wonderful readers will know where you're linked up and the linkup can grow! thanks!

  • Red shoes are a definite must!!

  • I'm a big fan of red shoes, even though I've never lived in Kansas. Yours are adorable!

  • Such a pretty top girl!!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  • I want a whole outfit post on this insta! Looks amazing.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds