i was inspired by mackenzie’s post to share 10 places i would love to visit, because i will always take a chance to consider places i want to go.  true story: this list was over 20 before i narrowed it down.

it’s funny, i am constantly torn because on one hand i crave routine and am a stay in on friday night kind of homebody, but on the other hand i always have an ongoing list of places i want to visit and am always trying to plan the next trip.  my husband was teasing me the other night because he saw a picture of italy and mentioned wanting to go back and was like “let me guess, you’ve been feeling an itch to go back lately, haven’t you?” and i was like “yes, in fact i have!” his response was classic: “mk, you act like there is ever a time when you don’t have that itch”.  yep, i’ve got a major case of wanderlust and an affinity for being able to hold onto special moments and feel them as if they had just happened, so sue me.

ANNECY, FRANCE:  this is the top of my list!  i have wanted to go here ever since amber fillerup went and described it as a cross between florence, paris and amsterdam.  it just looks so dreamy.  i would love to walk through the streets along the canals, then bike around the lake and maybe end with a little dip!



NORWAY: this place looks like a dream!  i have never had much desire to go so north (too cold) but would definitely make an exception for norway.  plus, i have always wanted to see the northern lights and cannot think of a more beautiful place to do so.


TURKEY: the ideal trip to turkey would start in istanbul, taking in all the culture and energy of the metropolis, and then jetting down to the southern end of the country for a few days in fethiye, relaxing in the exotic seaside town.



THAILAND: please don’t judge me, but i have wanted to visit thailand ever since i watched the bachelor a few seasons ago.  it boasts all the benefits of a tropical vacation but also has so much culture!  i would love to visit the floating markets, try some weird foods, and then spend time at secluded beaches wading out into that crystal turquoise water.



ASIA: this is a new one for me.  for years, i had absolutely zero desire to go to asia, but now i would love to!  the culture, energy, history, people, it all seems so intruiging to me.  i think it all started for me when i started reading amanda marshall’s blog when she was living in okinawa, japan and just spiraled from there.



SOUTH AMERICA: i am not sure where exactly in south america i would like to visit but a trip to the jungle or a hike through the mountains seem like pretty great adventures and different from any other place i have ever been.


PORTUGAL: to me portugal seems like a hidden gem.  i never really hear of people going there, instead choosing to visit next door neighbor spain but for me, the red rooftops, streetcars, unique history and on the water location have me putting it first.


GREECE: ever since the sixth grade i have had an infatuation with greece.  that was the year i learned about greek gods and goddesses and ever since then i have loved the stories and myths, even took a course on them one summer.  i would love to visit athens to see the history and then spend a few days enjoying the sunsets, white washed buildings and touring the islands by boat.


NEW ZEALAND: something about the picturesque landscapes, multitude of vineyards that remind me of home and calm beauty has me itching to head around the globe.


HOME – SONOMA/NAPA, CALIFORNIA: you know what they say, there is no place like home.  well i just so happen to be from the greatest place on earth (totally biased) and love any chance to go home.  i never realized how amazing it was until i went to college, because up until then it was just all i knew, but ever since then i have had such a great appreciation for my hometown and love that every trip home is like a vacation.  now if only i could go back more often…

other places i have been but would not mind going back to: new york city, switzerland, italy, new orleans.
“i was born with a compass in my hand and a restless soul.”
-andy grammer

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