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it has been quite the eventful week over here starting with homecoming weekend at our alma mater and then diving right into the world series so this week has honestly gone by pretty quickly for me!  here’s to looking forward to a relatively unplanned weekend and (hopefully) more royals wins!


one: last weekend we went back to our college town for homecoming weekend.  atchison in the fall is always one of my favorite times because the town is extremely hilly, located on a bluff, and has so many trees.  once fall hits and the trees start changing, it turns into an autumn wonderland and i could not help but snap some pics while we were there!
two: speaking of homecoming weekend, i loved getting to don my red and black and see so many of my favorite people.  
three: on our way back to the city on sunday, we drove by an apple picking farm and pumpkin patch and matt and i spontaneously decided to stop in!  we were quite possibly the only people there without children but had a great time regardless; we strolled through the orchard and picked apples, looked at all the pumpkins (i am not much of a carver or we would have grabbed some), checked out the animals and grabbed some apple fritters.  it was so much fun, but lesson learned: don’t wear heeled booties to a backroad farm.  in my defense, i didn’t know we were stopping 😉
four: going to a world series game has been on matt’s bucket list and we got to cross that off this week!  he said it was even better because he just meant a world series game, not necessarily a royals world series game.  unfortunately we lost terribly the night we went but you better believe we were going crazy over the big win on wednesday and will be watching tonight!
five: funny story – last friday night i told matt i really wanted a healthy dinner and had always wanted to go to cafe gratitude and he felt indebted to me after i bought him world series tickets.  let’s just say this is not his kind of place 😉  anyways, i honestly liked my meal a lot but truth be told his was not that good and he literally refused to eat it haha.  let’s just say we ended up across the street at a burger joint afterwards for him!  aaand then we stopped for milkshakes to completely offset anything healthy we had eaten 😉
“do not be afraid.  do not be satisfied with mediocrity.  put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”
-saint john paul ii

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