i do not know if i could be more thankful that it is friday!  not that it was a bad week, rather the opposite:  the week was so good that i am absolutely exhausted!  almost every night this week was filled with some sort of outing or a meet-up with an out of town visitor.  i may be exhausted but the way i see it, the sleep deprivation is a small price to pay for special moments like those of the past week.


one: that royals game the other night!  this was the first time the royals have made it to the playoffs since 1985, the longest drought in major league sports, so the whole city is going wild.  matt was able to get us tickets, and though the best he could get was the 5th highest row up in the nosebleeds, it did not even matter because we were there.  the energy was insane, the game was so stressful, emotional and long (nearly 5 hours) and the win was incredible!  you can watch a little bit of the celebration on my instagram here. totally worth not getting home until 1:30 am.  

two: my dad is currently driving cross country from washington dc to california and he was able to stop through and see us.  living in a different state than my family, i never know when i am going to see them next so it was a really special treat to be able to spend time with him, my sister and matt for the evening.  
three: recently kansas city got an ikea and the place has been a zoo to say the least.  matt and i have tried to go a few times but the line of cars just to get into the parking lot scared us off haha.  however, over the weekend we drove by and it didn’t look too busy so we stopped in.  i had never been to an ikea before and it was so cool!  definitely made me want to start all over with our place.  oh and those swedish meatballs were pretty good too 😉
four: when i studied abroad in italy i became good friends with the woman who coordinates our program.  well, earlier in the week she messaged me to let me know she would be in town the next day!  getting to see her and chat over dinner was such a treat.
five: over the weekend the weather was so incredible; sunny and warm but felt like autumn was starting to make an appearance.  so after church sunday matt and i walked around westport and grabbed coffee at a local, and somewhat iconic, cafe.  it was such a great start to our day.

ps: anyone else planning to see gone girl this weekend?!

autumn is here.
it may be the sneakiest season; it disguises itself with warm winds and late evening golden light.
it wraps itself in colors that look like fire and the slowly fading sound of crickets at night.
it comes without warning and without apology and before you know it,
the air is cold and the leaves are falling and the summer you thought you were enjoying is just a memory. 
so sly. 
-tyler knott gregson

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